Trading Forex for a Living

You are trading Forex for a Living! Against all the beliefs of people and novice traders, I say that trading Forex for a living is also a significant, challenging, and stressful job. I also say it is a gratifying job on the other side, and I have to say it is fun, too, if it fits your character. It is difficult to quit the day job and give yourself to Forex. Remember that trading Forex for a living is withdrawing from your account monthly without harming your trading performance and lifestyle.

Or, better, a person who likes trading would say that it is fun because if you enjoy it, you will love it. It does give you the possibility to live a good life and to work within time zones that are impossible for any other job to have, but it is not easy to master this giant monster.

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Trading Forex for a Living – Never forget that you will not learn Forex thanks to a system, but you have to learn Forex by understanding the market movers and learning to trade what you see in the charts. This can make you profitable in the long run and live well from trading. So remember to understand the market moves and the main points within your chart in front of you. Tomorrow I shall post a ‘typical day’ on cable with the comments that would have pointed out the day’s activity for you to understand what I mean by this.

But ultimately, back to our main subject, yes, it is possible to start trading Forex for a living, and yes, it is possible to live without pulling down your lifestyle. However, you do need patience, you do need time and training, and you do need your mind focused on your trading. Learning by doing yes but learning well, use demo trading before creating your trading style and learn to read the markets. Nothing more than that can constantly be profitable in the long term. It would be best to have long-term profitability and strength in your trading.

Trading Forex for a Living

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