What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?

What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?! Nowadays many traders have wrong ideas about Binary options so here in this article,  I want to mention What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?

    • You should learn Forex before trading in Binary Options.

      This is a wrong idea that you can start Binary Options trading without Forex learning. You can start to learn your Binary Options trading strategies so Forex market is not a prerequisite for Binary Options trading.

    • You need a lot of money to start Binary Options trading.

      This is another wrong idea about both Forex and Binary Options market.  The Forex brokers minimum deposit was more than 10,000$ for trading but today you can start your trading just with 1$!

binary.com What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?

  • You dont need a strategy to trade in Binary Options!

    This Idea is very funny.  If you believe this Idea, I highly recommend you leaving Binary Options trading and go to the Casino for gambling!

  • All Binary Options brokers are scammed!

    If you choose a wrong broker for your trading, this is your fault.  There are many Forex and Binary Options brokers which are scammed. You should be careful to choose the best brokers.

  • The chart trend is not predictable!

    If you think the market is not predictable, why do we have a lot of universities that learn Forex market and economic indicators?
    If you can’t predict the market, increase your knowledge. What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?

  • I should find the best strategy in Binary Options

    You should know there is not the best strategy in Binary Options or Forex market.  All profitable strategies are good and you can’t count on fix strategy for a long time.  Some strategies are good in trading area and some strategies are good in market trends. Hence, the others are good for important news.

  • You can use your Forex strategies in Binary options.

    If you look in the normal way,  this idea is not wrong.  But If you look at Binary Options trading wisely, you can understand that the Expire time is a very important factor in Binary trading.  In Binary Options trading,  the return and loses are fixed in each position, after that, you can’t use your Forex strategies on Binary Options without innovation.

What are the wrong ideas in Binary Options?

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